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I’ve Got Crabs, Let Me Give Them to You

Eating Cleveland

February 23 2008

Eating Cleveland Logo

Written by: Mark

While I was on my way home from work a few weeks ago I got an unpleasant call from my wife, “You’ve got crabs!” she said. I knew it might happen one day, but I figured I would have been the first to know. I just knew I shouldn’t have spent so much time at Adult Mart during the “Back to School Spectacular Sale”. Taking the extraordinary long silence as a hint that I was racking my brain she clarified by saying, “No, you idiot! You got a package of crabs.”

I had totally forgotten about my conversations with the people over at The Crab Place. They had asked if I would be interested in trying some of their products and possible giving some away on the site.

Luckily for my wife, they didn’t send any live shellfish as she was the one that opened the box. They did send a lot of other great things though: 2 jars of crab marinara sauce, 2 jars of crab salsa, a couple of crab mallets and a Crab Place t-shirt.

I had never seen crab salsa before and the combination piqued my curiosity, so I opened up a jar to enjoy with tortilla chips. Although it was medium the crab salsa still had a ton of spice, just didn’t have much heat. In the tomato based salsa were pieces of shredded crab meat, corn and pinto beans. The cold pinto beans set off my mouth’s texture alarm, but I found it easy enough to eat around them. It tasted like fresh salsa you would make at home, but with the addition of fresh crab meat. You can certainly tell that it was real crab meat and not Krab with its factory created crab flavor.

I think that the salsa would go great in those cheese dips for the crock pot, especially now during Lent. Actually this would be great in a lot of Lent recipes. If you’d like even more recipes that would be Lent friendly, check out the The Crab Place’s recipe collection.

Just browsing their website gets my mouth watering with the idea of live crabs on my doorstep in Cleveland during the dead of winter. If you’re not into crabs the Crab Place also offers dozens of other seafood options like: Maryland crab cakes, shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters, scallops and fish. Pretty much if it’s swimming around in the ocean they can deliver it to your house live, or close to it.