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Live Maine Lobster

Buyer's Guide - Live Maine Lobster

Handling and Preparation Instructions

All lobsters are shipped live, fresh from the coast of Maine and include butter, lobster forks, bibs, & shell crackers. The actual weight of each lobster may vary.

While boiling is the most common way to kill a lobster, inserting a sharp knife into the head and cutting down through the brain to kill it just prior to cooking may be the most humane way.

Never place a live lobster in fresh water. They are saltwater creatures and fresh water will kill them.

Keep a live lobster cool and moist. Cover with damp seaweed, newspaper or cloth in a cool place until ready to cook. Live lobster can live out of water for up to 48 hours. The tail will curl after being cooked and the meat will appear firm and in once piece.


The easiest, most common way to cook a live lobster as takes the least amount of time. Start with a big pot and fill it with salt water, roughly about two gallons of water per three pounds of lobster. Place the live lobster head first into boiling water. Boil the lobster for about eight minutes per 1 ½ to 1 ½ pounds, and 1 minute more for each additional ½ pound per lobster.


Steaming has virtually the same affects on the lobster as boiling, however it is less leaching and leaves the meat very tender. Select a pot large enough to hold all of the lobster without crowding. Place a steaming rack and about two inches of heavily salted water in the bottom. Bring it to a rolling boil and add the live lobsters one at a time. Cover. Steaming takes about ten minutes per pound, but halfway through ensure they are cooking evenly by shifting them around being careful of the hot steam.


Be aware that it is easy to dry out the meat. Fine Lobster recommends parboiling the lobster and brushing it with olive oil or butter before placing it on the grill. Cook it meat–down on medium heat until golden brown, or approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

Shelf Life

To ensure absolute freshness, we ship live lobsters using FedEX Next Day Air only. We advise you to prepare them the day you receive them.