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In the News

In the News

Read our editorial features and see why we're the best!

If you have any interest in featuring Crab Place and other related inquiries, please contact us through our PR department. Contact information below.

  • The Gazette, Colorado Springs

    Crabfest comes to Colorado Springs

    The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Oct 14 2008

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  • Costal Living Magazine

    Mid-Atlantic Seafood

    Coastal Living, Oct 2008

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  • The Oprah

    Crab Meat Marinara Sauce Gets Rave Reviews in Oprah Magazine

    O, The Oprah Magazine, Oct 2008

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  • First Magazine

    Enter to Win Seafood Contest

    First Magazine, Aug 2008

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  • Kiplingers Magazine

    The Best in Shopping and Travel

    Kiplinger Magazine, Nov 2006

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  • Gourmet Magazine

    Steamed Blue Crabs with Black Ginger Dipping Sauce

    Gourmet Magazine, Jan 2006

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  • Simplefinds

    How's this for a holiday feast

    Simplefinds, Oct 2008

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  • The Bachelor Guy

    Crack Open Some Crab

    The Bachelor Guy, Sept 2008

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  • Supermarket Guru

    The Crab Place Tomato Corn Salsa with Maryland Crabmeat

    Supermarket Guru, July 2008

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  • Rainy Days and Sundays

    Fresh, Fabulous Shellfish Tacos!

    Rainy Days and Sundays, July 2008

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  • What's Cooking on Fox 5

    How to Throw a Proper Maryland Crab Feast

    What's Cooking on Fox 5, July 2008

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  • SeaFood Business Magazine

    Dip into crab

    SeaFood Business Magazine, Feb 2008

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  • Eating Cleavland

    I’ve Got Crabs, Let Me Give Them to You

    Eating Cleavland, Feb 2008

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  • What's Cooking on Fox 5

    Super Bowl Crab

    What's Cooking on Fox 5, Jan 2008

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  • USA Today

    Online orders take pinch off crab sellers

    USA Today, Oct 2007

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  • Wall Street Journal

    A Crab Cake for All Seasons

    Wall Street Journal, Sept 2006

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  • Newsweek

    Shell We Eat? Crazy About Crabs? Take A Crack At These Recipes

    Newsweek, Aug 2001

    Read Article

  • PR Department:

    Dave Hockman
    DJH Marketing Communications, Inc.
    Phone: 732.222.7111
    Mobile: 718.415.3859

  • Correspondence: Mail all your correspondence to this address:

    The Crab Place™
    504 Maryland Avenue
    Crisfield, Maryland 21817

  • For other means of contacting us, please refer to our contact page. Go to contact page