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The Crab Place Tomato Corn Salsa with Maryland Crabmeat

Supermarket Guru

July 23, 2008

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Written by Phil Lempert

This product is a HIT!

Salsa and crabmeat? Hmm, not sure about this combo - I've eaten crab cakes with salsa before, which is good - very good in fact, but never salsa with crab as an ingredient. The problem with this combination for me is that the flavor of the crabmeat is so overpowering that it would certainly interfere with just about any other food, except for a bland chip. The pronounced seafood flavor of this salsa is for the dedicated crab lover (of whom there are many), otherwise you had better pass it on by. Having said that - it's a great tasting salsa! Available in other varieties. Retails for $9 / 16 oz.

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