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Seasonings & Sauces
Seasonings & Sauces
Everything you'll need to round out your celebrated seafood feast. Flavorful condiments, dips and seasonings that are designed especially for the seafood connoisseur.
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Crab Mallets and Seasoning
4 quality wooden crab mallets
8 oz Seasoning

Perfect Crab Feast Accessory Pack

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Seafood Seasonings Reg. Now Qty
Crab Place Seasoning
8 oz of our very own blend of spicy seafood seasoning $7.20 $6.48  
Old Bay Seasoning
6 oz $7.20 $6.48  
16 oz $11.32 $10.19  
J.O. Brand Seasonings
16 oz J.O. Brand Seasoning $6.17 $5.55  
32 oz J.O. Brand Seasoning $11.32 $10.19  
10 oz J.O. Soft Crab Batter $5.14 $4.63  
10 oz J.O. Cajun Fry $5.14 $4.63  
10 oz J.O. Crab Cake Mix $7.20 $6.48  
10 oz J.O. Fish & Shrimp Batter $5.14 $4.63  
10 oz J.O. Oyster & Fish Breader $5.14 $4.63  
Old Bay Seafood Sauces
8 oz
Cocktail Sauce
$5.14 $4.63  
8 oz
Tartar Sauce
$5.14 $4.63  
Crab Place
Premium Butter
8 oz Premium Butter $4.11 $3.70  
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Seafood Seasonings
I like to dip my claw meat in white vinegar and then into Old Bay. When I told this to a friend he stared me straight in the eye and said, "Are you kidding me? It's J.O. all the way." Well needless to say that conversation went on for quite some time, and after breaking a few claws together we agreed to disagree. Here are a few more dipping sauce ideas.
Popular Dipping Sauces
melted butter with a splash of Tabasco or Old Bay...or J.O. Brand
melted cheese
tartar sauce
vinegar and pepper
Worcestershire sauce
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"I received my order on Friday. They were DELICIOUS. The seasoning was just to my liking. I was also impressed with the package it arrived in. I'll be making a lot of orders in the future. Keep up the good work."
C. Lewis, Alaska
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